Get married in South Africa

    Before you start to plan your wedding in South Africa there are a few key things you need to take into account. Safari wildlife reserves, Table Mountain and the beautiful far stretching vineyards. Or maybe you've decided to get married among the Zulus? South Africa has many beautiful venues to tie the knot. We'll give you all the practicalities and inspiration for an unforgettable wedding in South Africa.

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    What does a witness on a wedding do?

    Witnesses play a key role on a wedding. Without witnesses, no wedding. Have you been asked to be a witness, but have no idea what this entails? Or do you want to ask someone to be your witness, but would like to know exactly what he or she will be doing? The role of the witness; demystified right here.

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    Who picks the engagement ring?

    The engagement is a symbolic thing, indicating you're about to get married. And that beautiful engagement ring you'll need? Who actually picks that ring? Usually the engagement starts with the exchange of engagement rings. The traditional engagement ring is worn on the ring finger. For catholic bridal couples on the right hand and for non-catholic bridal couples on the left hand. Until the wedding you'll wear the ring on this hand and on that same finger. After the wedding ceremony is completed, you'll put the wedding ring on that same finger and move the engagement ring to the other finger.

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