8 creative ways to announce your engagement

Congrats, you’re engaged! You are going to have a good time during the wedding preparations. Before that happens, you need to announce to your friends, family and colleagues your engagement. Of course, you can tell them but there are plenty, more creative, ways to announce your engagement. 


Shoot an awesome video with your future partner and tell friends and family that you are getting married. Send the video via WhatsApp or email. Recording a video, is very easy. It can be done by phone or with a laptop. The advantage is that it does not cost you money and yet it is fun and personal.


Announce your engagement with a simple card. Less personal than a video, but still very nice. Especially when you make the card personal with a picture and a personal signature, takes some time but will be appreciated especially by close relatives


The engagement is an important part of the wedding. No wonder that you would like to celebrate it by giving a party. Don’t tell the guests what the reason for the party is and make sure that everyone is there. This is a fun and personal way to announce your engagement.


Alternatively, you can organize a dinner for the people dearest to you. Prepare a nice meal at home or take them to your favorite restaurant. During the meal, it is time to tell the big news and toast to your future wedding.


Prepare a quiz and let family and friends guess for the good news. Make a scribble, a sort of search through the house or a simple word search. If they have to make an effort to find out, the surprise will be even greater, especially when no one is expecting the big news!


It is a fun and delicious way to announce your engagement with a special cake. Invite your friends and family at home for coffee. When the coffee is on the table, your partner and you arrive with the cake. Everyone will be surprised. Additionally this can be a nice way to announce the wedding to your colleagues at your work.


An engagement shoot is becoming increasingly popular by couples. During this shoot, a photographer takes pictures of you together. Of course, you could take some pictures by yourself, but it will be much harder to get the perfect pose. Put the pictures on social media or send it to the guests as ecards. If you are lucky, your partner invited a photographer during the proposal. These photos are suitable to announce the engagement in a unique way, picturing the actual moment of the proposal.

Anonymous RSVP

Are you the funny type? Send an anonymous RSVP with the message to ‘save the day of the wedding’. After sending it’s up to the guests to find out who is getting married, especially fun if there are multiple couples within your circle of friends


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