Dancing in a wedding dress

Do you have a dress with or without a train? Maybe you’re wearing a hoop dress? The wedding dress can play a big part in your freedom of movement. Don’t forget that your partner can also be hindered by the wedding dress. It isn’t easy to dance salsa in a big Cinderella dress with a hoop. Yet there are a lot of possibilities when you take some things into account. Below we give the perfect tips for dancing in your wedding dress.

What kind of dress do you choose?

Want to be on the dance floor until after hours? Keep this in mind when you choose the wedding dress. Of course, you want to be able to dance in it. When you want to perform a romantic tango or cha-cha-cha make sure that the fabric of your dress is supple and agile. For example, choose a dress with different light layers. Make sure that the bottom of the dress isn’t weighted. This way you can pick up the drag or bottom of the dress more easily.

With a stiff fabric, it is more difficult for the groom to dance. That’s because it makes it harder for you to pass the material.

Do you want to be completely free? Want to be able to dance unhindered and show some beautiful dance moves? Choose a special party dress in addition to your wedding dress. Choose a dress in which you can move freely.

Tie up the train

Does your dress have a long drag that gets in the way while dancing? Ask the bridal dress store if they can make something to tie up the train. Think about an invisible solution with a button and a loop.

Do you want a last-minute solution? A pair of safety pins can do wonders. However, be careful you don’t damage the fabric. If the fabric is too heavy, cracks may appear. So, consult the adviser in the bridal store and ask for the possibilities.

How do you dance?

Wearing a big, heavy dress? Try some slow dances with your partner. Instruct your partner in advance. For example, go to dance class. This way you can prevent him or her from stepping on the dress or on your feet during the dance. Determine in advance which dance is possible with your dress.

Do you want some more advice? Watch this video. The video explains which dress is suitable for which dance.

Let’s dance!

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