Original idea: give the children a wedding certificate

Children like to be part of everything. They want to fully participate with the adults at the wedding. Unfortunately, you need to be an adult to testify. How nice would it be if the kids could get this special role during the wedding? With a wedding certificate, they give ‘permission’ for the wedding that is being performed. WonderWeddings designed a special children’s certificate. Even the little ones have an important role this day! Little bonus: it also keeps them busy.

The wedding certificates are made in A4 format and can be easily printed out after saving. Right-click on the image and choose ‘save as’. Print the photo via the preview program of your operating system by pressing control + P or Cmd + P.

Wedding certificate 1 is especially made for the children of the bride and groom.

Wedding certificate 2 is made for nieces, nephews and other children at the wedding.

How do you give the children a special role during the ceremony?

Besides the wedding certificate there are other tasks which can be fulfilled by children during the ceremony. For example, announcing the bride when she enters the church or town hall. Let children practice for this important task. They could be a little shy in large groups. Let the master of ceremonies practice a couple of times to be sure the announcement is going well.

Another perfectly reserved task for children is to wear and hand over the rings to the bride and groom. Make sure there is a nice pillow or a box that he or she can bring to the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. In our wedding shop you will find the most beautiful ring cushions.

Also, a perfect job for the children: flower boy or girl. Every child finds it fantastic to throw with petals or other kinds of confetti. And you have to admit it: isn’t is wonderful when children in this way accompany the bride?

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