These are the duties of the wedding staff

On the wedding day, it’s all about the newlywed couple. Of course, there is bridal staff present such as the caterers, wedding planner, wedding band etcetera. In fact, the family members en friends have the most important tasks on the big day. There are a lot of tasks to distribute among them for the wedding. Where do you need to think about? Read the division of tasks below.

Master of ceremonies

First of all, the master of ceremonies (or MC). The task of the master of ceremonies is to ensure that the whole day runs smoothly. He or she sets the day and makes sure everything is perfect. For that reason, the newlywed couple don’t need to worry about the wedding. Even before the wedding, the master of ceremonies arranges a lot and ensures that many tasks are taken out of your hands.


Of course the witnesses are incredibly important on your wedding day. The marriage is legally valid because of the witnesses. They put their signature to confirm that you both agree with this marriage and voluntarily enter. Even when the marriage certificate is lost, these witnesses can confirm that you are married. Very useful.

Guestbook keeper

The guestbook keeper comes in handy if you want to prevent that not everyone is writing in the guestbook. You can appoint a guestbook keeper who personally ensures that all guests will put something in the book. The guestbook keeper isn’t necessary but very useful and fun for later.


The speecher brings out a toast during the wedding. It takes a lot of preparation to write a good speech. So, be in time with you announcement to make sure the speecher has time enough to prepare. You usually entrust this task to a good friend you have known for a long time. Also, speeches are often given by family members.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen

These people organize, among other things, the bachelor party of the bride and groom. They also help with selecting the right wedding clothes. If necessary, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are the assistants of the master of ceremonies. They also have big role during the wedding. They stand by the side of the couple all day to help them with smaller things like the bridal hairstyle and make-up.

Hostess or host

People who prefer to keep the wedding low-budget and at home often choose for a hostess or host. Usually these are family members who have enough space to celebrate the wedding. The hostess or host makes sure that the guests feel welcome in the house and that they get enough to eat and drink. 

Ring bearer

The ring bearer is usually a child. The ring bearer may give the rings to the bride and groom, an endearing moment! The ring bearer can also be an important person in your life that is already an adult. You are free to choose who gets this special role. The person will feel honored anyway.

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