12 ways to make your parents happy on your wedding day

According to many, the wedding day is the most beautiful day in your life. It’s not only a very exciting day for you, but also for your parents. You’ve probably talked a lot with them about the wedding day. This day can be extra emotional for your parents because it’s a symbolic way to give you away. Therefore, the wedding day is a perfect time to put them in the spotlight.

1. Give them some extra attention

Your parents may be even more nervous than you. Be extra kind to them today. Talk more often with your parents than with other people. Also, publicly notice how much you appreciate that they are around and tell how much they mean to you.

2. Take a picture with your parents

You look beautiful on your wedding day. Of course, the guests and your parents have done their best too. Show that you appreciate it. They are probably also very proud about your looks on the big day. Take a photo with them as a souvenir.

3. Give them a bridal bouquet

They propably will not see this coming. It’s a nice surprise and gesture to thank your parents. They will love this anyway. After all, it’s also a bit of their party.

4. Invite them for the first dance

Even if your parents don’t like to dance, they can’t refuse the first dance. There is nothing that creates a better bond than dancing together. It’s a fun way to have fun together, after all it could be an emotional day for your parents. Dancing certainly creates a smile on everyone’s face!

5. Small things, big gesture

You don’t have to go big to make your parents happy during your wedding. With small references, you can put your parents in the spotlight. Did your mother, for example, teach you how to make nice garlands? Hang them up around the wedding vendor. She will be very proud if a guest tells how much he likes the garlands.

6. Make their favorite food

Nothing is better than good food. To make a nice gesture, you can adjust one part of the menu to the wishes of your parents. These don’t have to be big cakes or dishes. For example, make those small salmon snacks that your father likes so much.

7. Personal gift

Probably you give your guests a small gift to thank them for their presence. You probably give them all the same, but think about a more personal gift for your parents. That’s how they feel special. No inspiration? Then write a sweet note and put it together with the gift.

8. Sing a song

Singing a song for your parents can cause very funny moments. Write in your song how much you thank them for all the years they have taken care of you. Don’t want to sing by yourself? Turn on their favorite music or song, preferably a song who brings up beautiful memories.

9. Refer to the wedding of your parents

This is a fun way to put your parents in the spotlight. It requires a lot of creativity. For example, incorporate a nice anecdote that your parents have told about their own wedding day in a speech. Or deposit your parents’ wedding album to display to the guests. It’s nice to hear from friends how much you look alike.

10. Schedule a trip

Give your parents an invitation, for example for a dinner. It gives the impression that you are thinking about them. It’s also a good opportunity to look back at the wedding.

11. First look with your parents

Normally you do the first look with your future partner. How nice would it be if a photographer were present when your parents see you for the first time?

12. Wear an heirloom

You don’t need to wear your mother’s dress at your wedding. However, it’s great for your parents to see that you have done something small. Think of the veil of your mother or the tie of your father.

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