Etiquettes for the engagement party

The wedding is a fun time for a party, but the engagement can also be a great time. As with the wedding party, the engagement party has a number of rules that you should take into account. Below we tell you everything about these etiquettes.

Don’t forget there is a wedding coming

You have to keep in mind, you’re also planning a wedding.  Of course, your engagement party is going to be great, but it must not exceed the wedding. Make is special, but not too special. Otherwise it might outshine your wedding and make it look plain by comparison. You also need to look at the budget.  

Give yourself enough time to let it sink in

Don’t plan the engagement party in the first month of the engagement. You must allow yourself the time to let the engagement settle for a moment. Your family must also respect this and give you enough time. Don’t plan a family weekend immediately after the engagement. First enjoy the time together.

Open the gifts after the party

Many guests don’t bring a gift to an engagement party while other guests don’t want to arrive empty-handed. In order to not take both parties feel uncomfortable, it’s a good idea to open up the gifts before or after the party. That way no one will feel encumbered.

Listen to the wishes of your family

The engagement party is meant to connect your and your partner’s family. Listen carefully to their wishes. You need to make sure that the goal will be achieved, namely becoming one big family.

The guest list for the wedding

The guest list needs to be taken care of before the engagement party. It is a really bit uncommon to invite people to your engagement party and not to your wedding. Look in advance at the guest list and how big your wedding is going to be. Is it going to be a huge party? Then you may give a big engagement party beforehand.

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