I'm engaged now what?!

Congratulations!!!! You're engaged! Unlike a wedding you don't have to register for an engagement. It's pretty common that within a few years after the engagement you'll get married. But the formal part starts pretty much the moment you get your marriage license.

An engagement is the mutual acceptance of a wedding proposal, so more or less an informal matter. So what's the first thing to do after you got engaged?

  1. Tell all your friends and family (including the ones you never really talk too)
  2. Set a timetable
  3. Start a free online wedding planning OR find a wedding planner
  4. Determine your budget
  5. Make a guest list
  6. Find a wedding venue
  7. Insure your engagement ring
PS. See here how to propose in an original way and give the engagement ring. And read who picks the engagement ring?

Marriage license

To be legally allowed to get married, you'll need a marriage license. This license shows on what date and in which venue the wedding will take place. Without a marriage licence you're not allowed to get married. Depending on which state you marry in, you could need this at least 72 hours before the wedding, so don't wait until the last day! A license however, also has an expiration date. Usually between 30 and 90 days, so plan when you should be getting it. After the wedding, you'll get a marriage certificate, proof that you got married.
See an example marriage certificate.

How should we announce our engagement?

  • What about a romantic engagement shoot. Get some beautiful pictures of yourself and your partner and have the best ones printed. Or share the photos on social media or via an email with your friends and family to let them know you'll be getting married.
  • Or a movie perhaps? You can make a selfie movie or have a friend shoot a movie of you guys in which you let the world know you're getting married. 
  • Do you already have kids? Or maybe a super cute nephew or niece? Put them in a shirt with the message that you're getting married and then just 'release' them in the family crowd...the ultimate surprise for everyone!
  • Have a cake printed with your wedding announcement. 
  • Holiday season closing in? Or birthdays where the entire family is together? Increase the party joy with your wedding announcement!

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