How to propose and give the engagement ring?

Exciting times ahead, you're getting ready to propose! You now have a beautiful ring, but how will you be giving it? Or maybe hide? We'll give you a bunch of ideas and tips to make that big moment even more special.

It's a beautiful moment on your way to your wedding. That one big question: 'do you want to marry me’, will remain with you both for many years to come. When you announce your engagement, the first question on everyone's mind will be: 'how did he/she propose?' So make sure you make the moment unforgettable.

Ingredients for a perfect proposal:

  • 1 willing partner, also known as the love of your life
  • Courage (a lot!)
  • 1 dazzling engagement ring
  • 1 very special or unique location

Propose in a way that is true to both of you. Make sure you both feel comfortable. When you know your partner doesn't like to be in the spotlight, then don't have her announced in the train station main hall!

But how to give that ring with the proposal? gives you the original tips.

Using a wine bottle

Go to that lovely restaurant of yours where you always love to dine. Or to the first place where you met or had your first date. Have your own custom message printed on a beautiful label and put that on a nice bottle of wine. On the label you can mention your most beautiful memories or even ‘the big question’. Attach the little box with rings to the bottle of wine. Would your partner notice it when the bottle is placed on the table?

Ring in a flower

Perhaps a little bit of a cliché, but most women love flowers. Nothing is more romantic than a big red rose right? Attach the rings to the flower(s) or slide it around the stem. Make sure to secure the ring tightly or slide it around it at the very last moment, everything to prevent you from losing it of course!


Is your boyfriend/girlfriend an animal lover? Let your pet bring the rings. Tie a ribbon around the neck or around a paw. For example, have your dog give its paw to your partner with the ring attached, and at the same time go down on your knee.

Scavenger hunt to all beautiful spots

Lead your partner to all those beautiful and memorable locations that you cherish using a scavenger hunt. Let him /her find a small gift with a clue on each location. For example, on the location where you met each other, leave a framed photo of you two together. On the second location, leave a poem and on the very last location, show her the ring. It's probably best to keep the ring with you and not hide it somewhere on a location, unless you're absolutely 100% sure it will be safe.

In her jewelry box

Let her find the ring when she's putting on her existing jewelry. Surprise guaranteed. Just mare sure you're near to instantly propose.

Put the ring on his/her finger in her sleep

Super sweet right? When he/she sleeps… Carefully take the hand of your lover and slide the ring around the finger. Kiss her good morning and make a delicious champagne breakfast. Very intimate and a real surprise. If you choose this method you do really have to be a 1,000 percent sure that your partner would say yes if he/she was conscious!

Memory ribbon

Hang a beautiful white ribbon in your home. From the bedroom to the living room and back. Blindfold your partner and let your honey start with the first photo of you two together. Keep walking this way down memory lane and at the very end of the ribbon, hang the little box with the ring. Who could say no to this?!?

The fake gift

A box, in a box, in a box. Surprise...a gift....just because! 
For this, you'll need a set of boxes large to many as you like. Of course the smallest box in the middle will contain the ring.

The metal detector

Rent a metal detector and hide the ring, for example in the backyard or on a special location. Tip: don't do this too far ahead of time, you don't want some scavenger to find the ring before your partner does. Have your sweety find the ring by giving him/her hints on paper or by sending text/WhatsApp clues. When your partner has found the ring, you quickly move in and get on your knee to propose.

Adventurous proposal

Are you both adventurous? 
Go for a sky dive and propose either in mid air or on that high adrenaline rush when you just touch the ground.
Love sailing? Put the ring around a little harp and propose on the water, using a nice little bottle of wine, a cool breeze and a warm sun. 
Love scuba diving? Propose under water! Important tip: if you want to give the ring under water, don't put the ring in a standard box. Because of the increased water pressure at depth, you won't be able to open the box. So prevent awkward situations and put the ring in a small bag or make a tiny hole in the box to make sure the pressure can equalize.

Good luck, but moreover: have fun and enjoy!

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