Who picks the engagement ring?

The engagement is a symbolic thing, indicating you're about to get married. And that beautiful engagement ring you'll need? Who actually picks that ring?

Usually the engagement starts with the exchange of engagement rings. The traditional engagement ring is worn on the ring finger. For catholic bridal couples on the right hand and for non-catholic bridal couples on the left hand. Until the wedding you'll wear the ring on this hand and on that same finger. After the wedding ceremony is completed, you'll put the wedding ring on that same finger and move the engagement ring to the other finger.

A proposal without rings

This is actually just fine too these days. It's a tradition that not everyone follows, not in the least because a second ring adds additional costs. Often people decide to go for a wedding and engagement ring in one.

Who chooses the engagement ring? 

Your first guess is probably: the person who makes the proposal. Traditionally this is of course the man, but in these modern times this is not always the case. Women too, will propose to their boy- or girlfriend. But what about choosing the engagement ring? There really are no rules for this, an engagement ring may be a tradition, nut it's not a must.
When you want to surprise your honey with a proposal, it takes away a lot of the surprise and fun if you go shopping for the rings together. It's better to make sure you know your partner's taste. The engagement ring is a special piece of jewelry which you'll wear probably every single day. So it has to be awesome! Try to test your partner by making some small suggestions. Show photos of certain jewelry and casually say: ‘Hmm, looks pretty nice right?’. If your partner says ‘No’, then ask what he or she does like. Flip through a jewelry magazine together or take a peek in the window of a jewelry when you're walking in town. Make sure to do this as inconspicuously as you can. When your partner loves something, you can also put them on the wrong track by saying something like it's a bit expensive, if they were suspecting something, they'll now probably think it won't be that ring after all.

What is the difference between a wedding ring and an engement ring?

  • Although today there are beautiful engagement rings for men as well, it's still more common that only the woman wears an engagement ring.
  • The engagement ring is worn before the wedding ceremony, opposed to the wedding ring which is worn only after the wedding ceremony.
  • The most common engagement rings contain a diamond and are made of gold.

Tips for finding the perfect engagement ring

First of all start by looking in our vendor guide for the best jewelers and goldsmiths. You can also make your own custom designed engagement ring. This way you'll always have something super original and are practically insured of a resounding YES!’ And remember the words from Marilyn Monroe way back when: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

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