Ten tips to give a perfect wedding speech

A bit nervous about your wedding speech? Of course, giving a speech is exciting. There could go so much wrong, the thought alone gives you cold feet. Many people do not realize that preparing the wedding speech could also be fun. Stick to the following tips and almost nothing can go wrong. Good luck!


Get the attention of the audience immediately with a good opening. Start with a good anecdote or an original joke that is recognizable to everyone. Ask yourself what suits the bride and groom best, make it personal

Take your time

One day you write a text and the next day you would like to throw it in the garbage. Therefore, a good preparation is more than just practice. Give the text a rest and recheck it after a couple of days.

Keep it short

People get bored easily. Unfortunately, that is also the case with speeches. As much fun as it is, it just cannot last too long. Try keeping it under two minutes. 

Focus on the bride and groom

The reason for your speech is the bride and groom. Focus all your energy on them and avoid making it about yourself. Of course, you can tell it from your point of view, especially when the speech is based upon a common experience. Nevertheless, keep the focus on the bridal couple and their wedding.

Keep practicing

Are you afraid of public speaking? Practice often. You are going to want to tell a story rather than reading it aloud. Your message should feel sincerely, remember this while practicing.

Know your audience

. Ask in advance, who will attend the wedding and what their daily life and occupation looks like, this can prevent uncomfortable situations. During the speech, consider the audience. Make sure your eye contact is directed and the bridal couple but do not forget the remaining guests!

Be grateful

Show your appreciation that the bride and groom chose you to give a speech. It is important, after all not everyone gets this opportunity. Therefore, be graceful and do not forget to thank them.

Beware of foolish jokes

Slight jokes are fun, but do not push it too far. It could result in a very awkward speech when you throw in one joke after another. So remember, jokes are allowed, but in small doses and tailored towards your audience.

Don’t make it embarrassing

It is so obvious and easy to tell embarrassing stories about the bride and groom. It could be fun, but you do not know if the couple will agree. It is a lot less funny for the bride and groom when you tell an embarrassing story to all their friends and family. So, keep in mind that while funny, some stories should remain private. A strong finish

10. A strong finish

Just like the beginning, you need a strong end. Make sure your speech only shortly interrupts the happening.  So, raise your glass in honor of the couple and ask everyone to continue the party.

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