Traditional wedding anniversaries and their names: the complete guide

Back in the day it was common to title wedding anniversaries after materials. These materials provided guidance for appropriate gifts, while representing the durability of the marriage. The longer the marriage lasts, the rarer and more durable it becomes. From paper to granite, this article will provide you with a complete overview of all wedding anniversaries and exciting gift suggestions.

1 year: paper

Spouses who celebrate their cotton wedding have been married for exactly one year. The marriage is like a blank sheet and relatively fragile. That’s why you give each other a gift made of paper, how about a sweet letter summarizing what you love most about the other.

2 year: cotton

Two years together? According to the old tradition, your surprise each other with cotton. Bed sheets with a rose peddles trail towards them could spice up your anniversary

3 years: leather

Leather symbolizes three year of marriage, significantly longer lasting than cotton. Surprise your partner with something made out of leather. The flower that belongs to this anniversary is the sunflower.  Crystal is also allowed, how about some wineglasses accompanied with a bucket of sunflowers?

4 years: silk

Have you been married for four years? Give your partner something of silk. Looking for an exciting present? Buy a silk lingerie set

5 years: wood

Those who are married for five years celebrate the wooden wedding. Durable and long lasting, you could go furniture shopping. How about a wooden garden bench?

6 years: iron

Six years of marriage is also called an iron wedding. Give each other a beautiful piece of jewelry. Another name for this jubilee is the sugar wedding: so you can also give each other a nice cake, enjoy!

7 years: wool

A wool wedding is celebrated after seven years of marriage. Seven is a lucky number so give a nice four-leaf clover or a horseshoe. Prefer something else? Give a cosy gift that fits well with wool. For example a pillow or nice sweater. 

8 years: bronze

People who are eight years together, are celebrating the bronze wedding. A suitable gift for this jubilee is an art object such as an image or painting.

9 years: pottery

In a marriage of pottery you have been married for nine years. Just one more year and you completed your first decade. Surprise your partner with a pottery baking workshop. Prefer something simple? According to the tradition you can give each other something practical from pottery. For example, a bowl or teapot.

10 years: pewter

Congrats, you’ve already been together for ten years! This jubilee is called the pewter wedding. This object symbolize the fact that you have been together for so long and experienced a lot with each other. Tin bends but doesn’t break: just like your marriage. Jewelry with diamonds is very suitable for this wedding, after all how many get this far?

11 years: steel

Almost unbreakable, after eleven years you celebrate a steel wedding. Go for a practical yet long lasting gift such as a luxurious knife set.

12 years: linen

Have you been married for twelve years? Congrats, you’re celebrating the linen wedding. According to the tradition you give each other a dozen peonies tied together with linen.

12, 5 years: copper

1/8 of a century! After twelve and a half year marriage it’s your first real anniversary: the copper wedding. A rare yet still bendable luxury metal. Many couples celebrate the anniversary with a party. Share some special memories together with the people you love, invite the guests that attended your wedding.

13 years: lace

Thirteen years together? Celebrate it with a lace gift. The lace wedding gives you the opportunity to give exciting gifts. Go to a luxury lingerie store and spice things up with a lingerie set accompanied with a nice wine to celebrate this special day.

14 years: ivory

After fourteen years of marriage you are celebrating the ivory wedding anniversary. You can’t buy something from ivory so it’s smart to be creative. Think about other tropical surprises or celebrate it with a holiday, how about South-Africa. This will give you the opportunity to be astonished by real ivory without harming endangered species.

15 years: crystal

After fifteen years of marriage you’re celebrating a crystal wedding. Fortunately, you don’t have to think twice about a gift. Give your partner crystal wine glasses with a delicious bottle of wine, a vase or fancy jewelry.

20 years: porcelain

Married for twenty years? You’re celebrating a porcelain wedding. From now on it takes five years for you to have a jubilee. This is an excellent time to replace the tableware with a porcelain one.

25 years: silver

After 25 years of marriage it’s time for a party! The silver wedding is a milestone that not everyone achieves. Therefore, consider what you already overcome together, look at all the beautiful moments you had. Invite your friends and family, give each other silver jewelry during this jubilee.

30 years: pearl

After thirty years for better or worse you celebrate the pearl marriage. Only a small percentage of spouses are lucky enough to enjoy this day, just like finding a pearl in a shell. Give your partner beautiful earrings with pearls or go for something more original and buy soft duvet in the color of pearls.

35 years: coral

The coral marriage isn’t celebrated by many people. Therefore, there is no real tradition. However, you can celebrate it by going on vacation, how about a coral diving expedition? Of course a romantic dinner will suffice.

40 years: ruby

The ruby wedding of forty years is worth a party. Give each other a ruby necklace or forty beautiful ruby red roses for this jubilee.

45 years: sapphire

A sapphire wedding means that you have been married for forty-five years. There are actually no traditions for this jubilee. Give it your own twist and celebrate it as you want!

50 years: gold

A real milestone: the golden marriage. Just like the couples who make it this far, gold is a lot rarer than silver. After fifty years together you know each other inside out. There are just a few who can scratch this anniversary of their list. It may be no surprise that according to the tradition you give each other gold. However, gold is pricey. Be creative and give instead of real gold, fifty red roses with a list of fifty reasons that made your marriage ‘golden’ for you.

55 years: emerald

The emerald marriage of 55 years isn’t very common. The flower that belongs to this jubilee is the orchid. According to the tradition you give each other this flower. It’s not customary to give a party: after all, you gave a party during the gold marriage.

60 years: diamond

After sixty years together, it’s time for a party again. After all, it’s unique that you’ve been together for so long. This jubilee is known as the diamond wedding. Strong, rare and almost unbreakable.

65 years: brilliant

After sixty-five years it’s almost certain that you will no longer voluntarily leave each other. The brilliant marriage is again a reason to celebrate because unfortunately this could be one of your last anniversaries. This can also be done nice and quietly with a dinner for the two of you.

70 years: platinum

Being married for seventy years? Then you celebrate your platinum marriage. Make a portrait with the entire family, all generations together, to celebrate and remember your jubilee.

75 years: alabaster

Because it’s rare, the alabaster marriage has no traditions. Invite the family at home and talk about the past seventy-five years.

80 years: oak

You celebrate your oak marriage when you have been married for eighty years. This is again a jubilee to celebrate with the family. Do you prefer to be alone with your partner? Then this is a good time to look back on your eventful lives.

90 years: granite

A granite marriage of ninety years hardly occurs. It’s very special when you both are still alive. Has your partner already died? You can still celebrate this day with your family. Look at all generations that have arisen from your marriage and commemorate your partner.

This was the list of anniversaries! We hope we were able to inspire you with some of our anniversary gifts. How long will your marriage last?

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