How do you dance in a wedding dress with train?

It might sound like a difficult task: dancing with a wedding dress with train. How to hold it when you are going to the dance floor? Or is it more convenient to tie up or fasten the train?

The first step is choosing the right dress. When you choose your wedding dress, it is important to look at the freedom of movement you have to dance. It might be useful to find a solution in advance when you want to groove on. Another solution: purchase a different dress for the party.

Another option is asking the bridal dress store whether it is possible to make a construction to remove the tow at the time of the party. For instance, with Velcro or hooks. With a large dress, it does not even stand out and it is incredibly handy! In this way, you can keep your own wedding dress.


Another simple solution is a special pin for the train. These pins are available in different sizes and designs. With this accessory, you can pin the train up the moment you want to dance. The only drawback is that the wedding dress can be slightly damaged if you wear a wedding dress with fragile fabric such as silk.


When you buy your wedding dress, ask the specialist if he or she has a handy solution to hold up your train while dancing. The bridal store could place a loop at the bottom of the train. Wind it around your wrist or finger for more freedom of movement.


You can also choose to have a button in the middle of the train and a loop on the train. This way you can roll up and secure the tow. When the button and thread are transparent or in the same color as the dress you can barely see it’s there.


Is your dress made from a fragile fabric? Choose very strong magnets. Make sure the magnets are in the right place. Place the magnets on the inside of your wedding dress and on the tow to bring up the train. You won’t even notice the magnets. Make sure you practice dancing with your dress on so you know the magnets work well enough to hold your train up.

Hold it up and together

Another option is to wrap up the train and holding it together when you go dancing. Try it beforehand to find out if this is a convenient way for you. In addition, it is useful to practice dancing in your wedding dress. If you take dance lessons, it is useful to perform the dress with a practice dress or your wedding dress.

How do you dance in a dress with a train?

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