How to preserve your wedding bridal bouquet

Your wedding bouquet is a beautiful memory to preserve. A beautiful souvenir, from your most beautiful day. A wedding bouquet will easily cost a hefty amount, yet another reason to preserve this special bouquette. And luckily you can, even fore many many years, as long as you do it the right way. But how? We'll tell you, so that you may think back of this beautiful day for many years to come.

Preparing your bouquet for preservation cab be done in different ways.

Dry the wedding bridal bouquet yourself

You can decide to dry the bridal bouquet yourself. Which obviously is also the most budget-friendly option. However, not all flowers are suitable to dry. Make sure you let yourself be informed by your florist when you decide to dry the flowers yourself. Start the drying process as fast as possible, but absolutely before five days after the wedding to make sure the flowers still have their original beauty. Select a calm, dry and dark spot where you can hang the bouquet upside down. When the flowers are fully dried you can spray the bouquet with hairspray to add a protective coating.


No time or just don't feel like drying the bouquet yourself? You can also have the bouquet dried professionally, which is called preparation. Besides this another option is to have the bouquet freeze-dried, which lets the flowers preserve their colors even longer. Another method of preparation is by using a gel-coating. This is done with so-called sillica-gel. The latter option is also something you can do yourself at home. The gel can be purchased at most home improvement or hobby stores. Dip the bouquet in the gel and let it dry for a while.

Whatever your choose, do realize that despite the various preparation methods in existence, your bouquet will never again be as beautiful as on the day itself. So make sure you have your wedding photographer take as many beautiful photos of the bouquet as you can get. To enjoy it even after the wedding, you could decide to have an enlarged photo printed on canvas, beautiful and timeless!

Tips for preserving your wedding bridal bouquet

  • Are you drying the flowers? Make sure to keep them far away from moist and dust.
  • Be careful with your bouquet on the wedding itselft.Protect them and put them regularly in water throughout the day.
  • Is your bouquet dried? Never place the bouquet in direct sunlight, dried flowers do not like that!
  • Freeze-drying is the best option to preserve colors. With all other methods you'll notice discoloration sooner.

Do you want to preserve your wedding bouquet after the wedding? Let us know in the comments what method you used or what method you plan to use.

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