18 questions you need to ask when choosing your wedding venue

How would you describe the atmosphere around here?

Does the location really fit you? Many locations have a formal restaurant or hotel. Which is fine, unless you want a casual wedding. If you are planning a wedding with a relaxed atmosphere, you should abstain from formal locations as these can change the entire atmosphere of your wedding.

How experienced are you in catering weddings?

If you are lucky, the location is experienced in organizing marriages. The wedding planner exactly knows what he can expect and responds adequately. Yet it may be possible that you are the first couple that marries at this location. In that case, it is even more important to have a good look at all the wishes you have and record the agreements on paper.

How many weddings will be booked on my special day?

It is possible that your wedding venue is big enough to facilitate multiple weddings at the same time or organizes several ones after each other. It could be useful to know. Especially when a wedding takes place before or after your ceremony. That makes it more important that there is no deviation from the planning.  

Do you have an in-house caterer or a list of ‘preferred’ caterers? Alternatively, do I need to provide this on my own?

The food at the vendor can cause problems. Some locations give you the freedom to choose the caterer you want, where others only work with their own list of preferred caterers. Ask in advance, what the options are. Do you have to pick from a restricted menu or do you have the chance to put together a menu by yourself?

Does the venue permit chrildren?

This seems obvious, but it certainly is not. Children may not be premitted at some locations. Therefore, it is important to check this advance. If not, what is the minimum age and do any of the invited guests have younger children?

How flexible is the vendor with our own preference of suppliers?

If you like to take control of everything, it’s good to ask if the location is open to this. similar to preferred caterers, some locations also use their own florist, photographer musicians and so on. Ask if you can choose this by yourself.

Do you offer a transport service for our guests?

Some guests come from far. Then it is useful when a taxi or other transport can pick them up from the local bus station. Maybe there are guests who have to come from abroad. Can they be picked up from the airport?

What do you have to offer more than (another location you are looking at)?

This question can be helpful when you doubt. By this question, you give the provider the opportunity to tell you why you should choose for them. Make clear why you have your doubts. Maybe the location will make a special offer for you.

What is included in the current price?

Some locations offer a total package. That can be useful if you do not want any unhappy surprises. Other locations charge extra costs for everything you use such as plates and cutlery. Ask as clearly as possible how they price everything. This can save you many extra costs. Again: record all agreements. 

Which activities are available at the location and in the surrounding area?

Fun activities at the location or in the vicinity will entertain your guests. Maybe there is a special arrangement with beer tasting around the corner! If you do not ask, you never know. Do not hesitate to ask about this.

Which places are available?

This question may seem obvious. Yet it happens that couples are marrying in a whole other room than they thought. It is all the result of tiny miscommunication, yet tiny as they are, they may ruin your perfect day. Ask if you can view the exact location prior to signing anything.

Are there any group discounts?

Asking is easy: the worst you can get is a ‘no’. Some locations charge a lot less when you come with a large group. Additionally there is often a discount when you use the locations services instead of your own wedding suppliers.

Is there a coordinator who manages everything?

It can be very nice when a coordinator is present. It could take away many worries on your wedding day itself. When something goes wrong, the coordinator quickly and adequately solve this without you even noticing it. 

Is there sufficient space for all my guests?

There are spaces that are too small for all guests, but also spaced that are too big. This is often difficult to estimate, so you really need to ask.

How much is the down payment?

To make a reservation, you usually have to pay a deposit. Some locations charge 20% for this; some of them charge up to 70%. Still saving and currently cannot spare the down payment? Then it could be better to look further or try to arrange a customized payment with the location.

Can I get in touch with other couples who are married here?

Contacting other couples is definitely recommended. These couples know the location well and can give you useful tips and insights that may protect you from making mistakes. Maybe they are completely unhappy with the venue. It might be a sign to look further.

How much does it cost if I want to stay longer?

Parties often last longer and it’s a shame if you get kicked out while still having a great time. Many locations offer a good price for an extra hour of partying. Some locations have a fixed end time.

Can I make last minute adjustments?

The contract is signed, you are marrying outside. Suddenly it starts to thunder and rains pours from the sky. Can you still move inside at the last moment? Also, discuss these types of scenarios with the location. Do not forget to record the agreements and costs related to contingency scenarios.

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