Ultimate step by step wedding vow guide 

Your wedding vows are a special part of the wedding day. During this special moment, you’re explaining in a nice and clear way why you want to marry your partner in the presence of friends and family. This is why it’s worth making it a non-traditional wedding vow. You can make it as personal and creative as you want. We share our ultimate step by step wedding vow guide for a nice vow.

Writing your vows

Before you seal your love with a kiss, you have to make promises for the future. Are you an emotional type? Throw some humor in your vow.

For example: I promise to give the remote control during an important football match. I promise to close the chips bag from now on and I promise I will put the cap back on to the toothpaste after using it.

Write timelessly, in a modern way

Use your vows to share what marriage means to you.Perhaps you could add a nice text from a book, film or song. Especially when they’re significant to your relationship.

For example: I, peter, take you, Lisa, to be my husband. ‘Perhaps it is our imperfections that make us so perfect for one another’ – Jane Austen.

Say what you love about your partner

‘I love you’, these are beautiful words. Besides that, you need to make clear why you love your partner so much. The words are easy to say, but why you love someone can be a lot harder. Try to put this into words.

For example: ‘I love you because you make me laugh. After a long day of misery, you always manage to cheer me up. You make sure that I come home to a clean house and a plate of food is waiting for me.’

Refer to the beautiful moments in your relationship

How long have you been together? Three years, eight years? Talk about the moments which made you decide he or she was the one. The first kiss, the first dance. Maybe you have a very nice memory of a holiday or a festival. Share it!

For example: ‘I knew this was true from the moment your first spoke to me. I had butterflies in my stomach. Those same butterflies have never left.’

Be sentimental

You are getting married and bring out the best in  each other. Compliment your future partner, also about the things that you sometimes disagree on. Opposite poles attract each other.

For example: ‘You are so incredibly loyal, that is a quality that I value so much about you. When I lose my patience once again, you know how to stay calm and know how to lead us to a solution for every conflict. I also experience so many things with you because you are so incredibly adventurous.’

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