10 things to put in your wedding welcome bags

Goodie bags are more and more usual at a wedding. Especially in America it’s a nice present for the guests at the end of the evening. But how do you create your own goodie bag? We selected 10 things to put in your wedding welcome bags.

1. Polaroid photo

Although phones make nowadays even better pictures then cameras, most of us still love those old-fashioned polaroid cameras. Ask your nephew/niece to make two photos of each guest at the entrance. One for you, one for the goodie bag.

2. Personal gift

It may sound boring, but a very simple card with one line of text is very nice for everyone. Thank your guests for the beautiful day. You don’t have to be a professional writer: a simple ‘thank you for this beautiful day’ will do.

3. Little bottle of wine

Probably you have chosen fine wines for the wedding. Put a small version of the same wine in your goodie bag. In this way, your guests can enjoy the day once more. 

4. Flowers make everything better

A simple flower can brighten up a dull bag. Add a flower to the bag which was also in your table decoration.

5. Your vows

During the big day, the vows are a few of the most beautiful phrases that have been said. Put the vows on a small card. In this way, everyone can check again why you are married.

6. Music of the day

Put a list together from your favorite songs during the wedding and put them on a CD or USB-stick. Or use a modern way such as a Spotify playlist. Your guests will enjoy the music after the wedding. Make sure you choose different types of music. After a quiet romantic song, you should add a dance number.

7. Theme

If you choose a theme wedding, bring it back into the goodie bag. For example, choose to add a small replica of the Eiffel tower if you have a French wedding. It only needs to be a small accessory.

8. Candles are romantic

Candles aren’t only romantic: they make a house a home. Therefore. It’s a nice item to put in your goodie bag. Everyone deserves a bit of romance, right?

9. A nice breakfast

If you are planning to make a real party of it, a breakfast is the best addition. Your guests will appreciate a breakfast if they stay up late at night or even till early in the morning. Everyone likes a boiled egg and a croissant after a long night of partying.

10. Hangover medicine

Do you want to add a little bit of humor to your goodie bag? Add aspirins. After all the wine, this hangover medicine comes as a gift from God!

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