Preserve your bridal bouquet after the wedding

Your bridal bouquet is a beautiful memory to keep. A wonderful souvenir, of a special day. Your wedding bouquet could easily cost you a fortune. Enough reason to keep it for as long as possible. If you do it in the right way, it can last for years. With our checklist on how to preserve your bridal bouquet you can think back on this beautiful day. Preparing your bouquet can be done in different ways.

Drying the bouquet yourself

You can choose to dry the bouquet all by yourself. This is also the cheapest solution. However, not all flowers are suitable for this method. Therefore, let yourself be advised by the florist before choosing the flowers in your bouquet. Start with drying as quickly as possible after the wedding. Preferable, don’t wait longer than five days. This way, the flowers will stay beautiful for longer. Choose a quiet, dark spot where you can hang the bouquet upside down. When the flowers are completely dried, you can spray them with hairspray to create a protective layer.


Didn’t want to prepare the flowers by yourself? Leave it to a professional. This is called preparation. In addition, it’s also possible to let the bouquet freeze-dry. This way, the color of the flowers remains intact for longer. Another method to prepare your bouquet is by means of a gel layer. This is done with a so-called silica gel. You could also use this method yourself. The gel is available at the more high-end craft stores. Immerse the bouquet in the gel and let it dry for a while.

You should realize that, despite the many preparation methods, the bouquet never remains as beautiful as it used to be. Make sure you have the photographer take some beautiful pictures of the bouquet. If you want to continue to enjoy the bouquet, consider printing off a photo onto a blank canvas.

Tips for preserving:

  • Want to dry your flowers? Make sure no moisture and dust can get around it.
  • Be careful with your bouquet at the wedding. Take good care of them and regularly put them in the water.
  • Is your bouquet dried? Never place the bouquet in direct sunlight. Dried flowers don’t like the sun!
  • Freeze drying is the best option for maintaining color. With other methods, you will start to notice differences in color.

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