DIY Tips: make your own envelope box

Give a personal touch to your own wedding with a DIY envelope box. Always useful for the financial attentions of the generous donors at the wedding. The DIY box comes with lots of benefits because it is cheaper and more original. In this way, you can extend the style and colors of your wedding into the decoration.

Envelope boxes for the wedding aren’t cheap. It costs at least 20 dollars. By making it yourself it gives you the opportunity to save money and create a nice eye-catcher at the reception. It’s also a wonderful reminder of your wedding and fun to display at home. How and where to start with a homemade envelope box? Anywhere. It is not difficult and it’s nice to do. Below you find some suggestions and ideas to combine, tweak and make it as personal as you want. So, collect friends, grab a bottle of champagne and spread your craft supplies out on the table: it’s time to get creative!


Devise which material would fit your box. That could be a box made from wood or an old shoe or wine box. Be creative and consider some more unconventional options such as a jute bag, bird cage or an old suitcase. When you have enough time, you could make a box from a tree trunk. Look for a nice tree stump together and let the groom to be dig the stump. When you cut a hole in it, you have a perfect envelope box. This idea fits perfectly with a vintage theme.

Nowadays old crates for vegetables are trendy in your living room. You could also easily make an envelope box with these old crates. You only need to close the back of the crate. Put a piece of cardboard against the back and hundreds of people can post envelopes to you. Go for a beautiful finishing touch with ornamental letters and you’re done.

Also sniff around in your own attic or the one at your parent's house. Maybe you’ll find a nice old dollhouse which you can turn into an envelope box. Or visit a thrift store in your area. Look through the old mess and you will find the finest gems for decorating your wedding day. Not entirely unimportant: everything is low priced.


Make your envelope box personal and style it so it becomes something that is yours, together. Choose a nice pattern and add some rhinestones to extend the style of the wedding. Do you have fabric left over from your own wedding dress? Or a piece of lace from your veil? Maybe you have extra flowers left over from the corsages or the bridal bouquet? Don’t throw them away, but place them in or on your envelope box to create your own style.

Photos are also a good way to personalize your envelope box. What do you think of nice holiday photo of you together? Or a funny photo of your childhood? If you prefer not to use your own photos, decorate the box with your names and the wedding date. Do this in the same style as the wedding invitations.

Are you going to save money for something special? A car? A house? Or a vacation? Try to adjust the envelope box to that theme. It is a possibility to let the guests know what happens to the money. For example, if you’re saving for a car, use an old wooden pedal car to collect the envelopes in. Beautifully decorated with your own flowers and tins on the towbar.

No time to put a lot of effort into your envelope box? Ask around for help. Below is a quick, simple manual for a nice box!

DIY: simple envelope box

Estimated craft time:

45 minutes


  • 3 boxes (different sizes)
  • Wrapping paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Roll of adhesive tape
  • 1 meter of lace band
  • X-acto knife
  • Decorations, for example flowers or rhinestones

Step 1

Find some boxes in different sizes. Small, big, round, everything is possible. Preferably not a shoebox but a box of sturdy cardboard.

Step 2

Stack them together, starting with the biggest box. The smallest box should be on the top.

Step 3

Wrap the boxes as a present. You will get the best results with different types of wrapping paper.

Step 4

Cut a notch in the cardboard with a knife or scissors. Use the size of an A4 for the notch. In this way, you know for sure that every envelope fits.

Step 5

The finishing touch! Use one of the ideas above to decorate your envelope box according to your own wishes.

Below are some examples of DIY envelope boxes made by WonderWeddings:

Enveloppendoosdozen Enveloppendoos

After that it’s time to wait for the incoming envelopes. Once the wedding is over the box will be a nice souvenir.

No time or inspiration to tinker yourself? Of course, you can always buy an envelope box yourself. Or even more convenient: create an online gift list and receive the donations directly to your bank account.

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