DIY: how to make your own wedding dress

How cool is it when you can say that you have made your own wedding dress? You can make the dress entirely according to your own taste and size. In this article, we share our knowledge about making a wedding dress for yourself and more useful tips to get started immediately.

Want to make your own wedding dress? Where do you start? First of all, consider what kind of wedding dress you would like. Do you want a veil or a train? Or tight-fitting mermaid dress? Maybe you’re considering a classic princess dress? However, always make sure the dress works with the shape of your body.

Did you decide on what kind of dress you’d like to make? Then it is time to determine the color of your dress. Want something white? Think further: do you prefer classic white or do you feel better in off-white? After you’ve made the final decision about the color it is time for a first sketch. Let yourself be inspired by websites such as Pinterest and search for the right pattern to make the dress.

Pattern or own design

Making the dress with a sewing pattern as starting point, is a lot simpler than making your own design. Do you want to sketch the design by yourself? This could be complicated because you need to draw a pattern yourself afterwards. This requires a lot of knowledge of fashion, sewing and patterns. It is possible to take a course, but you can also bring your design to a sewing studio. This will save you a lot of work because they can draw a pattern for you.

The benefit of making and designing your wedding dress yourself is that you can fully customize the dress. It makes it possible to tailor everything precisely. Useful if you have deviating sizes.

Choose the fabric

After finishing the pattern, you can choose the fabric. Each style of wedding dresses requires a different fabric. Ask for advice in the fabric store and ask which material suits your dress the most. Popular bridal fashion fabrics are silk, taffeta, satin, micado, crêpe, voile, chiffon, bongo, organza and veil. For the details you can use ribbons, petticoats, zippers, corsages, (roll) piping and loop tape. 

Now you have the materials, you can really start making the wedding dress. Before you start, you could do a trial run of your dress with a cheaper fabric so you can practice before making your actual wedding dress. This way you’re sure your specific requirements for the dress are possible. In this way, you avoid disappointments and high costs. Transfer the pattern to the fabric you have selected and cut it out. Make sure you check the right size from the pattern before you start cutting.

Also check out this video about making and designing a wedding dress.

Benefits of  making your own wedding dress

  • You have a unique piece.
  • The costs are much lower than when you buy a regular wedding dress.
  • It is a nice challenge.
  • You can do it together, for example, with your mother. Super fun!
  • You have a tailored dress. Especially useful when you are pregnant or when your sizes deviate.

After reading all this, will you be designing and making your own wedding dress?

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