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Maibel Ziello Photography


Capturing time-creating art

Professional Wedding, Event and Portrait Photographer serving South Florida and beyond. Available for destination weddings worldwide. Creative Director of Life and the Single Parent™ magazine.

Being the creative director of a magazine, allows me to use my creative talent, learned skills as a photographer and photo editor + designer all under one roof.  I began to pursue event photography for the magazine and wedding photography for myself.  

Why Weddings?

Because at the end of the day, I want to photograph something beautiful and what is more beautiful than a woman in love wearing a beautiful gown, with gorgeous flowers, jewelry and amazing shoes to boot! Oh, and lets not forget the wedding cake which, is one of my favorite details to capture.

I love creating and delivering beautiful photographs to my clients. I know I am not just providing a service for a moment but telling the unique story of their love and the new family they're creating. When the party is finished, the food is gone and the guests have gone home, what remains are the memories you've made. Most of us forget the details as the years pass but, if we have beautiful photographs we can easily be transported back to those special moments in time. In our photographs those moments will live on so we can share them with future generations.

This is what makes our job extraordinary! 

Whether it's a wedding or any other important event in your life, you want to choose a photographer that is a good fit for you and who will work hard to meet your expectations to the best of their ability. I believe I can offer you that. Little did I know that my work with clients throughout my insurance career would pave the road for providing excellent service to my clients today. If you hire me as your wedding photographer, I promise to provide you with amazing images for one of the most important days of your life! 

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  • Maibel Ziello Photography - weddings
    Maibel Ziello Photography - weddings
  • Maibel Ziello Photography - Profile pic
    Maibel Ziello Photography - Profile pic


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By appointment

33428 Boca raton
Florida, USA
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