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Simply Love Photography


Simply Love Photography

We are Kayla Trammell & Wendi Searcy, photographer and owner of Simply Love Photography. We are both from a quaint little town called Splendora, TX just far enough north of Houston to call it the country! I guess you could call us “county girls”, who both have a passion for all things artistic and creative! We both grew up together, going to the same schools and became friends in 3rd grade. Yep, 3rd grade, that is how long we have known each other! The funny thing about us is we are so opposite and so much alike at the same time! The good thing is we both have a passion for the exact same thing and love working together! We both feel so fortunate to be able to make a career out of something as artistic, creative and beautiful as photography & timeless memories!

We both love to spend time meeting new people and chit chatting; we could practically sit and talk all day! We are spontaneous and reserved, quirky and serious, but LOVE to have a good time and make the best out of any situation! Wendi and Kayla both graduated high school in 2004 and moved on to pursue their college education. Wendi was at Lamar and Kayla was at SHSU. While at college we lost touch and continued on the same path without even knowing it! After a few years at college we decided books were not our fortay, applying ourselves was! After college we both started families, Wendi with her high school sweetheart and me with the handsome fella I met at my place of work! We both had a child and started doing photography as a hobby! Shortly after we re-connected on….wouldn’t you know it…Facebook! In 2009, After talking it up for months and catching up on each others lives we decided to merge together! I mean what better than two long time friends with the same passion joining that drive and creativity into one awesome package that was to be named Simply Love Photography in 2010.

Simply Love Photography was initially meant to just be our wedding outlet, but soon became the full fledge bundle for any and all of your photography needs! We seek to make every experience with us a fun and pleaseant one! We love meeting new clients and really getting to know each and every one of them on a personal level, and aim to walk away as friends instead of just a business relationship! We have a Simply Love Photography family and welcome anyone to join in!!

Style & Method

First and foremost we strive to capture moments, laughter and love! That is what our sessions and events are geared around! From the point of contact we customize a session based around you and what you desire! Of course we put our own creativity into it to make it our own and help us stand apart, but the moments captured are yours to keep forever! We make sessions and events feel effortless, natural, honest, joyful and fun and that is what helps us capture the magic in our photos!

We can’t wait to hear from you and about all your ideas for you session, and ultimately , have the opportunity to meet & photograph you in your most natural and happy element!!

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Business hours / Contact

By appointment
By appointment

Texas, USA
Phone: 832-638-5470
Chamber of Commerce number:

Wedding photographers in the area of Houston

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