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Providing non-denominational ceremonies, traditional faith-based services or secular officiant services for weddings, commitment services, vow renewals, anniversaries, and other life occasions including funerals, memorials and commemorative events. 

My services are uniquely designed to assist those individuals who are not associated with any specific church or synagogue or are non-practicing within any particular religious organization. I also provide an alternative for those who are seeking a totally secular, non-religious ceremonial event. I provide a unique alternative for ALL faith traditions. If your situation demands an interfaith celebration, I can help by designing an appropriate ceremony for the occasion. 

I have a simple and economical flat-fee schedule of services. I invite you to contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss your particular needs and inquire how I might help you celebrate this most memorable moment in your life.

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  • Reverend Layne - Rev. Layne Kulwin
    Reverend Layne - Rev. Layne Kulwin
  • Reverend Layne - Barley Ritual
    Reverend Layne - Barley Ritual
  • Reverend Layne - Exchanging Vows
    Reverend Layne - Exchanging Vows
  • Reverend Layne
    Reverend Layne
  • Reverend Layne - Same Sex Wedding
    Reverend Layne - Same Sex Wedding



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