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"Biohazard Extra Long Tie by Infectious Awareables - Black Silk"

"The mission of every Infectious Awareables tie is to generate interest discussion even excitement about serious public health issues such as this silk extra long Biohazard tie in black. Believing that humor can be a powerful educational tool Infectious Awareables neckties take an atypical slightly irreverent approach to some very serious subjects.Shop and take pride in knowing that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to disease research/education.Start the Conversation!BIOHAZARDS are organisms or organic substances that threaten human or animal health including medical waste as well as microbial toxins capable of causing both disease and mortality. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) categorizes various diseases in levels of biohazard Level 1 (e.g. E. coli) being minimum risk Level 4 (Ebola) being extreme risk. The universal symbol is a precautionary warning ñ so if you see it on something you can be sure it is not a good thing!A back-of-tie Awareness Note is incorporated in the pattern design which reads:A BIOHAZARD is a substance or organism that poses a threat primarily to human health. The universal symbol serves as a WARNING that bad things can happen around whatever bears its likeness. Except of course when wearing this necktie which warns emphatically about the koolness of wearer.Note: IA contributes a portion of proceeds to research education or support associated with important non-profit public health agencies and organizations. Imported.".
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